Our main suppliers of chicken products come from the USA and Brazil, all products are specifically aimed for the Japanese market however we can source any special requests when needed.

Available Cuts:

All of our cuts are specifically produced for the Japanese market.
  • Boneless Leg Meat
  • Split Breast
  • Chicken Breast Cartilage (with or without membrane)
  • Neck Meat
  • 2 Joint Wings
  • Mid Joint Wings
  • Knee Caps
  • Yagen (with and without membrane)
Available Cuts:
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  • Boneless Leg Meat (Layer Pack)
  • Chicken Tender Trim
  • Chicken Tender Clippings
  • Mis Cut Split Breasts
  • Turkey Tendons
  • Turkey Breast Tendons
For Items Not Listed we will Source them for you, please inquire on our Contact Page