Our pork products from both Canada and Mexico are sourced from some of the best plants in the world.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pork in organic, antibiotic-free and natural pork.  Our regular pork suppliers are also held accountable for the highest standards of production.

Available Cuts:

Regular, Natural, Antibiotic-Free, Organic and Berkshire
  • Loin (Short Cut Back)
  • Sheet Belly
  • Picnic
  • Belly (Japan Spec)
  • MM Loin S,M,L
  • Ham
  • Tenderloin
  • Butt (Japan Spec Katarosu)
  • Ground Seasoned Pork
Available Cuts:
Primal Cuts:
  • Shoulder Cut Glove
  • Boneless Shoulder Cushion In
  • Single Ribbed Belly
  • Sheet Belly
  • Single Ribbed Loin
  • Sheet Loin
  • MM Loin S,M,L
  • Ham
  • Butt (Katarosu)
  • Tenderloin
Value Added Items:
  • Sliced Collar
  • Sliced Collar and Belly 2mm
  • Collar Butt Sliced
  • Sliced Belly
  • Portion Control Items (Collar/Loin)
  • Stick Style Ham
  • Trimmed Jowels
For Items not listed we will source them for you, please inquire on our contact page